4Girls Foundation, Inc. invests in initiatives that give voice to girls and women by providing individuals with opportunities to enrich their lives and supporting organizations committed to strengthening the lives of girls, women, families, and communities.


4Girls Foundation, Inc. envisions a world where all girls and women are respected, valued, and given the opportunity to reach their full potential – for themselves, their families, and their communities.


Our guiding values are equality, diversity, respect, and community.



Board & Team

Brittany Castillo
Saily Perkins
Sara Perkins
Ashley Santiago

Elsy Bello Gomez, Executive Director




Founded in 2007 on behalf of their four daughters, Randal and Saily Perkins began 4Girls Foundation, Inc. as a united family effort to address universal issues that prevent girls and women from reaching their full potential as valuable individuals within their family, workplace, and community. Combining family resources, individual creativity, and their passion for helping others, 4Girls Foundation supports initiatives and organizations that assist girls and women in attaining basic human rights, receiving quality education, gaining access to healthcare, and obtaining equal economic opportunities.

Today, 4Girls Foundation, Inc. partners and invests in countless organizations to aid girls and women throughout the world.